Theater in the village!

Theater in the village!
Irish playwright Marie Jones’ play Stones in the Pocket is a narrative fireworks display of humor and depth. Two actors share fifteen roles in a story about the divide between city and countryside and how lofty dreams collide with the harsh realities of everyday life.
Two unemployed younger middle-aged men live in a village in Norrbotten. They limp along like extras on a movie set.
The actors – the stars – are flown in from the south to film their outdoor scenes in the dramatic landscape, while the villagers act as local color.
In our story, however, the extras play the main role and we follow their quest for a decent income, love, dignity and a meaningful life.
Martin Sundbom and Erik Kaa Hedberg take on this master class in acting and we can promise that it will be a warm and audience-friendly performance with a lot of drama in a small space.
The Norrbotten Theatre
The performance is 2 hours incl. A 20-minute break with refreshments.
Tickets: regular 150 kr, member of Riksteatern 100 kr, young people t. 26 years 80 kr
Organizer Luleå Riksteaterförening in collaboration with “Avans Intresseförening” with support from “nära scenkonst/ Riksteatern Norrbotten”.
Theater in the village!

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