Meeting places are important

We offer a local place to meet and discuss issues related to the community.

Making use of knowledge and ideas

This allows us to find informed and creative local solutions to the needs that exist.

The service point should be a meeting place

Where visitors can access different types of services, carry out everyday tasks and meet each other.

We see rural development as a whole

To provide a good service to the inhabitants of the villages in cooperation.

The UNEK association works for a living countryside.

To provide a good service to the inhabitants of the villages in cooperation.

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Latest news

Latest news

Find out about current events and happenings in the village of Unbyn and Avan.

Feel free to contact the Service Point if you have questions or tips about events.

Land release in Unbyn

On December 1 at 10 am, the municipality of Boden releases 16 new plots in Unbyn. Read more on the…

Christmas gift collection!

Come to the Servicepunkten and leave your Christmas gift under the tree, starting Monday 27/11. VildaKidz gives vulnerable children in…

Knitting and crafts café

Wednesday, November 29, is the next opportunity! at 18.30-20.00 Gymnastiken (Unbyn 15) For all UIF members, if you are not…

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Welcome to the


Unbyn/Avan Servicepunkt economic association is an economic association with the drive to work for local services and development in the Unbyn/Avan area.

On May 1, 2021, UNEK put the service point into operation. A little more than a year later, on June 6, 2022, the service point was officially inaugurated with the usual speeches, ribbon cutting and cake celebration.

During the opening ceremony, Johan Gröhn (municipal councillor of Boden municipality) and Fredrik Hansson (municipal councillor of Luleå municipality) cut the ribbon for the official opening of the service point. Photo: Elvira Lind

Chairman of the Board Lars

Unbyn/Avan are two villages with a mixture of old and new culture and a genuine village feel.

In Unbyn/Avan we are close to fine nature experiences despite being relatively close to both Luleå and Boden’s urban areas.

The villages also have an active community life for the benefit of both young and old.

Servicepunkten has a mission for the municipalities of Boden and Luleå to act as the extended arm of the citizens’ offices out in our villages, while at the same time we have a freedom to develop based on the needs initiated by villagers, employees and the board of Servicepunkten.

In other words, the service point can assist, initiate and run projects and ideas that promote positive development in villages.

In three years, the Service Point will have a broader range of socially useful services in cooperation with our two municipalities and also with other societal actors such as the Region, the County Administrative Board and others.

The service point will also be able to assist businesses and associations in developing their activities.

And last but not least, my hope is that the Service Point will be a natural meeting place for the inhabitants of the villages.


Board of Directors

Information on the UNEK Board

Lars Granholm – Chairman of the Board

(Unbyn road community)

Marika Vesterberg – Secretary

(Avans sports club)


(Will return with info)

Other members:

Malin Redling

(Unbyn sports association)

Magnus Bokvist

(Unbyns byalag)

Magnus Vesterberg

(Unbyn snowmobile and leisure association)

Christina Vallbäcks

(Avans Association)

John Fabricius – alternate

(Avans Association)

Mats Eriksson – alternate

(Unbyn sports association)

The association UNEK works for a living countryside and services in cooperation.