Children’s theater in the village – Ne Ne Ne Ne

Guest performance from Zebradans with a family show for children from 3 years old.
In a strange glade, creatures and animals gather.
They chat, make music, play and dance.
Are you cheerful, happy or lazy?
I am strong, funny and a little bit of a maverick.
Let the mischief begin!
Playing time: Approximately 35 minutes
Choreography: Anne Jonsson
Idea & concept: Minjung Kim & Anne Jonsson
Dance: Lisa Nilsson, Åsa Lundvik Gustafson
Music: Maja Långbacka
Set & costume design: My Zachrisson
Lighting design: Ronald Salas
Production: ZebraDans & SangSangMaru/Dongyoul Um
Adults 100 kr
Children 50 kr
Tickets via riksteatern.se/boden, tickster.com & Folkets hus in Boden, subject to an advance purchase fee.
Children’s theater in the village – Ne Ne Ne Ne

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