Opening playground with Agneta

Open preschool with Agneta Forsberg!

Mondays approximately every two weeks. Keep an eye on our Facebook page Servicepunkt Unbyn/Avan for updates!

Songs, games, crafts and lots of mischief.
On Mondays between 09.00-11.30 (Drop in)
The singing session is at approximately 10 p.m. 10.00
We offer all parents coffee, but feel free to bring fruit.

Unbyn 15
(Gymnastiken in Unbyn)

A warm welcome to all young and old.

Opening playground with Agneta

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Recycle and Reuse!

🌱 Välkommen till ett möte som kommer att förändra sättet vi tänker kring hållbarhet och gemenskap! 🌍 Är du redo att ta steget mot en

Lunch in the village!

Thursday 29/2 On a few occasions each semester, Unek offers Thursday lunches in the community as part of the Service Point being a meeting place