Farm names in Unbyn

Some of us have met at Gymnastiken and made a compilation of farm names on old farms in Unbyn. The names are taken from the book “Unbyn en återblick” published in 1994 and “Svenska gods och gårdar i Norrbotten” from 1940.

We have started from the address that the farm has today.

You are welcome to make additions or corrections and you see errors, the spelling is what was most difficult as the names are in överlulemål/bondska (contact Majlis Moreskog at maj-lis@moreskog.se).

Svedjan 35 Innimark

Svedjan 50 Jonsvidigården current Svedjebruket

Svedjan 58 Källgården

Unbyn 6 Långgården

Unbyn 5 Låkaerik, it is also referred to as Lundagård

Unbyn 7 Uddins

Unbyn 9 Sträät

Unbyn 19 Brini

Unbyn 31 Jaanils

Unbyn 26 Nygårs

Unbyn 24 Lärshihans also called Jansson. There was a shop there from 1880 to 1950.

Unbyn 30 Elias

Unbyn 30 B. Former mission house. The house was built by the inhabitants of the village and inaugurated in 1900. It is made an extension probably by the end of 30.

Unbyn 35 Kölis

Unbyn 33 New Kölis

Unbyn 41b Bya washhouse 1954-.

Unbyn 32 Laestadius ran a bakery 1935 – early 70s

Unbyn 41 Entgården

Bäckaskogsvägen 11 Peelärs

Bäckaskogsvägen 8 Skomakars

Unbyn 262 Våål

Unbyn 278 Sörilåka

Unbyn 282 New Purple

Unbyn 286 Jåkup

Unbyn 288 Häärs

Unbyn 291 Purple

Unbyn 290 Barbra

Unbyn 292 Barbra

Unbyn 301 There was Vidman’s shop 1929-1970

Unbyn 307 Post office premises 1934-1967

Unbyn 305 Kläepp

Unbyn 311 Jåns

Unbyn 318 Jåon

Unbyn 320 Erikols

Unbyn 322 Wåmers

Unbyn 51 Oljörs

Unbyn 53 Ny Oljörs, the house was a Konsum store 1940-1947.

Unbyn 54 Lässjas

Unbyn 400 Red

Unbyn 403 Hermans

Unbyn 404 Jahan

Unbyn 68 Red

Unbyn 72 Isaklärs

Unbyn 83 Låkanäs

Unbyn 85 Näsgården

Unbyn 88 Långnäset

Unbyn 90 Kläppnäs

Unbyn 97 Läsel

Farm names in Unbyn

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Land release in Unbyn

On December 1 at 10 am, the municipality of Boden releases 16 new plots in Unbyn. Read more on the municipality of Boden’s website in